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Musical Compositions and Arrangements

Sheet music for the compositions and arrangements featured on this web site can be obtained in one of three ways:

Rights for the demo recordings found on this web site are administered separately. Recordings offered for download may be used in accordance with the Creative Commons license described below.

Sound recordings

Except where noted, sound recordings featured on this web site are the copyrighted property of Alan Riley Jones, and these are made available for non-commercial use under the following Creative Commons license:

Creative Commons License
These sound recordings by Alan Riley Jones are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

The demo recordings licensed under the above terms are marked for download on various Music Catalog pages using the black-and-white download icon shown here, or by having its title formatted as a link which points to the mp3 file. (In addition, the Gilbert and Sullivan study recordings on this site are also licensed under the same terms, though they are not marked with this icon.) You may choose to download any of these audio files to a storage location of your choice, such as your computer's Music Library, or into an mp3-compatible smart phone or player. This will allow you to enjoy the recordings for your own non-commercial use, and share them with others free of charge under the terms described at the above Creative Commons link. NOTE: The Creative Commons license described here applies only to the sound recordings themselves. It does not extend to the musical compositions embodied in the recordings (see Musical Compositions and Arrangements, above).

Audio recordings not licensed for download are indicated with the Downlad OFF icon seen here.

If you wish, you may simply choose to play a recording via the web page using the orange play button next to its title. No downloading is required. During the course of play, your browser may incidentally load the mp3 file into your local temporary storage. No special action is required to delete such a file. Your computer's cleanup processes may do this for you, or else it may sit unused indefinitely. Its presence does not constitute a download for purposes of this license. However, if you find it there and move it to another location or share it with a friend, such a move or copy constitutes a download, and you should make sure it is licensed before doing so.

YouTube Video Demos

We may from time to time include embedded YouTube videos containing ARJentium's original music videos. These are posted in YouTube under the standard YouTube license, for your enjoyment as with any other YouTube video. The author of these videos grants your use of them under the similar conditions as described under the Creative Commons BY-NC-DC 3.0 Unported License shown above, without expressively applying such a license to them. If your use of them complies with both the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 Unported License and the standard YouTube license, then consider permission for your use granted.

Other materials

Except where noted, the text and grapics on the ARJentium.com web site are the property of Alan Riley Jones, on which all rights are reserved.

Photos have been used by permission of the photographers, who reserve the rights in their work. The author of this web site asserts no claim of ownership on any photos used here and cannot administer licensing on them.

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