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4:51 Thespis: Overture
2:29 The Well Below the Valley: My Dear Darlin'ARJ   

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Angelus Ad Virginem
13th Century Christmas carol
English words and arrangement for SATB chorus by ARJ
Copyright © Alan Riley Jones, all rights reserved.

Traditional (p.d.)

Angelus ad virginem
Subintrans in conclave.
Virginis formidinum
Demulcens inquit "Ave."
Ave regina virginum,
Coeliteraeque dominum
Et paries
Salutem hominum.
Tu porta coeli facta
Medella criminum.'

Copyright © Alan Riley Jones

Gabriel to the Virgin came
within her chamber meeting.
Mary was the maiden's name
who heard the angel's greeting:
'Hail, Virgin Queen of endless worth!
Our Lord of heaven and of earth
Shalt thou conceive
and thou bring forth
in holy birth
Without a sinful stain,
The gate of heaven op'ning forth,
Yet virgin still remain."

'Quomodo conciperem,
que virum non cognovi?
Qualiter infringerem,
quae firma mente vovi?'
'Spiritus sancti gracia
Perficiet hec omnia;
Ne timeas,
sed gaudeas,
Quod castimonia
Manebit in te pura
Dei potentia.'

Mary fell upon her knee
there at the angel's telling.
'How can I a mother be
with husband never dwelling?'
Said he, 'The Holy Spirit's grace
Shall come to thee with pure embrace.
Fear not betide,
but joyful be
with heav'nly praise
To greet that holy hour,
A mother thou, yet pure and chaste,
By God's almighty power.'

Ad hec virgo nobilis
Respondens inquit ei;
'Ancilla sum humilis
Omnipotentis Dei.
Tibi celesti nuncio,
Tanti secreti conscio,
Et cupiens
Factum quod audio,
Parata sum parere
Dei consilio.'

At these words did she arise,
our Lady Queen Supernal.
'Humble serving maid am I
of God the All Eternal.
Angel of God, my thanks to thee,
who bring these tidings unto me;
With all consent
and welcome heart
I long to see
These things which now I hear.
Prepared am I obediently
God's Holy Son to bear.'

Eya, Mater Domini,
Que pacem reddidisti
Angelis et homini,
Cum Christum genuisti;
Tuem exora Filium
Ut se nobis propicium
Et deleat
Prestans auxilium
Vita frui beata
Post hoc exilium.

Mother of Our Lord was she
who oped the heav'nly portals,
Bringing Christ's nativity,
restoring peace to mortals.
Through her did Christ Our Lord descend,
To be on earth our Heav'nly Friend,
To cast out our sin
and lead us out
of deadly night
And all our days defend,
To bless our live with truth and light,
Our exile thus to end.

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