Places Please! A Savoyard Symphony

In 1988, Benjamin Keaton, at that time Music Director for the Durham Savoyards, Ltd., created a four-movement choral symphony with orchestra entitled Places Please! A Savoyard Symphony in celebration of the Savoyards' 25th anniversary. Places Please! presents brief quotes from all thirteen of Gilbert and Sullivan's surviving scores, woven together with wit and cunning into a lively and moving musical experience that lingers in the memory. In 1998, the Durham Savoyards revived the symphony with full orchestra, and created a CD recording under Maestro Keaton's baton to celebrate our 35th anniversary.

When we brought it back in 2013 for our 50th anniversary, I put together the following set of videos featuring audio from the 1998 CD recording, and uploaded them to YouTube as a study aid for our performers. Each quotation's original source is cited, accompanied by the lyrics as they are quoted in the symphony, alongside program cover art selected from our first 50 years of productions.


I. Entrances

II. Love Songs and Madrigals

III. Chatter Patter

IV. Exits and Finale


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