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Audition Selections

Auditions will be held Monday, May 22, and Tuesday, May 23, 2017, for the Durham Savoyards, Ltd., upcoming production of Gilbert and Sullivan's Trial by Jury, along with Gilbert and Jones's newly composed Thespis, to be presented October 12-15, 2017, at East Chapel Hill High School. See also the separate page of selections for Thespis auditions, which will be held at the same time.

Below are the preferred audition selections we recommend for each role. For more information about scheduling an audition time, see the Durham Savoyards audition page.

Auditions need not be memorized, though you may sing from memory if you wish. We'd rather you sing confidently and at ease from the score than struggle with memory.

Principals: Roles are listed in high to low order regardless of size. Our pianist will already have sheet music for the selections listed below. You may choose to sing another selection in lieu of the one listed if you feel it will better demonstrate your ability to sing the role in question. If so, please follow the Chorus guidelines given below. But we strongly prefer the recommended selection, and we may ask you to sing a brief phrase or two from it if you sing something different.

Chorus: If you wish to audition for the chorus (or to sing an alternate selection for a role), please sing a selection of your own choice not to exceed two minutes in length. If you would like for our pianist to accompany you, please bring sheet music in the key in which you will be singing. Or you may provide your own accompanist, accompany yourself, or sing unaccompanied.

The G. Schirmer vocal score will be used for rehearsals. The Durham Savoyards will provide scores for cast to purchase. The Selection column in the following table corresponds to the G. Schirmer vocal score, where references are given by page, system, and measure number. For example, "8/1/3" means page eight, first system, third measure in that system.

PDFs are provided for each indicated selection in the Download column. Right-click the PDF icon and choose 'Save link as...' or 'Save target as...' from the popup menu to download the sheet music file.

Role Range Selection Download
Plaintiff (Angelina)
From #6. "Where Is the Plaintiff?"
begin at "O'er the season vernal" (39/1/1)
through "I am no unhappy maid" (40/3/2)
Download 'O'er the season vernal'
39/1/1 - 40/3/2
Defendant (Edwin)
From #2. "When First My Old, Old Love I Knew"
1st stanza, from 15/2/1 through 17/1/3
Take the high A in 17/1/2 as if 2nd stanza.
Download 'When First My Old, Old Love I Knew'
15/2/1 - 17/1/3, 1st stanza
Counsel for Plaintiff
From #8. "May It Please You"
At lyric "See my interesting client" (46/2/3)
through "An existence a la Watteau" (48/1/4)
Download from 'May It Please You'
46/2/3 - 48/1/4
The Learned Judge
(Comic Baritone)
From #4. "When I, Good Friends, Was Called to the Bar"
Begin stanza 5, "At length I became as rich as the Gurneys" (30/3/1)
end (32/2/4). Take the repeat near the end, with second line words.
Download from Judge's Song
30/3/1 - 32/2/4 with repeat
From #1. "Hark the Hour of Ten"
At lyric, "Oh, listen to the plaintiff's case" (9/1/6)
through end (11/3/2).
Download from 'Hark! the Hour of Ten'
9/1/6 - 11/3/2
From #2. "When First My Old, Old Love I Knew"
Sing chorus part at lyric,
"Oh, was like that when a lad" (17/3/2)
through "Of sympathy with the defendant (18/4/2)
Download 'Oh, I was like that when a lad'
17/3/2 - 18/4/2

Call-Back Selections

After the initial auditions, selected performers will be called back Thursday, May 25, to be heard in ensembles and alternate solos. In this less-formal setting, individual groupings of performers will be asked to sing each relevant passage so that we may try out different combinations of voices and personalities. You may want to review any selections ahead of time for which you think you might be called back, but advance preparation is in no way required. We will go over each selection as a group before asking anyone to sing individually. Selections are given in the order they appear in the score. At the call-back auditions, these may be called up in any order.

Copies of the vocal score will be on hand at call-backs, but you may download and review the excerpts listed below if you wish.

There are only two ensembles that I would like to check from this score, during the combined call-backs with Thespis, as shown below. Derrick may have additional combinations he would like to see together.

Roles Selection(s) Download
Plaintiff, Defendant, Counsel, Judge, Usher, Foreman From #12: "A Nice Dilemma"
At Plaintiff's lyric, "A nice dilemma"
Three-note pickup at end of 62/1/1, through downbeat ONLY in 65/1/2.
Download Sextet from 'A Nice Dilemma'
62/1/1 - 65/1/2
Plaintiff, Defendant, Counsel, Judge, Usher From #14: "Oh, Joy Unbounded"
Whole number (79/1/1 - 89/1/2)
Download 'Oh Joy Unbounded'
79/1/1 - 89/1/2


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