Thespis, or The Gods Grown Old

Operetta in Gilbert and Sullivan style on a libretto by W. S. Gilbert.
Music by Alan Riley Jones (and Arthur Sullivan where designated)

5:01 Overture
1 3:14 Throughout the Night the Constellations
2 :29 Hurried Music: Entrance of Mercury
3 1:30 Oh I'm the Celestial Drudge
4 :09 Very Loud and Majestic Music: Entrance of Jupiter
5 2:32 Oh Incident Unprecedented
6 3:31 Here Far Away From All the World
7 3:54 Climbing Over Rocky Mountain (Sullivan)
8 3:29 I Once Knew a Chap
9 :31 Presumptuous Mortal
10 6:38 Finale of Act I
11 2:44 Of All Symposia
12 2:02 Little Maid of Arcadee (Sullivan)
13 2:13 Olympus Is Now In a Terrible Muddle
14 2:48 You're Diana, I'm Apollo
15 1:24 Oh Rage and Fury
16 1:02 Oh Monster! (Court of Olympus Recitatives)
17 5:37 Finale of Act II
AppA 3:08 Procession of the Gods
AppB 2:10 Entr'Acte (Optional) - The Sun Whose Rays (Sullivan)
AppC 1:45 Little Maid of Arcadee (Jones)
AppD 2:40 Oh, Monster! (Long Version)
AppE 2:40 Exit Music: Galop

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from Thespis
Music by Alan Riley Jones
(and Arthur Sullivan)
Copyright © Alan Riley Jones, all rights reserved.

or, The Gods Grown Old

An Operetta in Savoy Style

Libretto by
W. S. Gilbert

Music by
Alan Riley Jones
and Arthur Sullivan where noted

Complete lyrics, dialogue, and action
are shown here with each number.

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