Ladri Waits

A play with pop and country music. Rising country music star Ladri Waits goes on a redefining mental journey during the course of a career-making concert. Book, music, and lyrics by Alan Riley Jones.
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1 1:32 Ladri's Lullaby
3 1:40 Running For My Life
4 1:21 We Will Meet Again
5 1:51 Shadow In the Sky
6 3:50 Bridge In the Moonlight
7 1:55 Pink Azalea
8 2:36 I Wore a Pink Azalea
9 1:54 Nothing On My Mind
10 1:56 One, Two, Three
12 2:10 Someone Else's Daughter
13 1:21 Finale: Bridge In the Moonlight (Reprise)

Ladri's Lullaby Restore page

Ladri's Lullaby
from Ladri Waits
Music by Alan Riley Jones
Copyright © Alan Riley Jones, all rights reserved.

(For whistling with guitar accompaniment.)

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