For a variety of instrumental combinations, for various purposes or none in particular. Some were written for church preludes, others can be repurposed for church if need be. Most were spontaneous expressions that had no words to them, and were written just because they were there. Enjoy as such.

2:40 Ave Maria (for Carillon)
1:10 Cana
1:32 Dance
3:27 Elegy
3:23 New Beginnings
2:26 Lillibullero
5:09 Meditation
2:37 Moonship Landing
2:51 Nocturne
4:19 O'Carolan's Ramble to Cashel Free
3:13 Piper's March
2:28 River Of Dreams
2:19 Serenade
2:57 Toccata for Carillon
2:15 Twin Whistle Rondeau

Ave Maria (for Carillon) Restore page

Ave Maria
For Carillon
Music by Alan Riley Jones
Copyright © Alan Riley Jones, all rights reserved.

Written for chorus, the present version is adapted for playing on carillon.

(For the choral version, see the Choral - Sacred catalog page.)

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