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Choral Music by Alan Riley Jones - Practice Aids

For any of these choral selections you'd like to practice:

To listen to an audio clip:

Selection Time Tutti Soprano Alto Tenor Bass
O Magnum Mysterium! 4:25
     Descant parts excerpted from mm. 53-68 0:49
Shall We Gather at the River?
     With Click Track 4:23
     Without Click Track 4:23
How I Wish 3:24
Ave Maria 2:37
How Can I Keep from Singing? 4:28
     Without Sing-Along ending 3:28
God Is Our Refuge and Strength 3:32
O Admirabile Commercium! 2:30
     Sopranos and Altos, cue from within m. 6
     at the words "suam deitatem"
River, Sweet River 4:05
     Tenors and Basses, cue from m. 13 3:36
In Paradisum 2:24
Candle, Candle (Lullaby)
     2 stanzas, 1st/2nd endings, sop. ossia 1:14
     4 stanzas, add one voice each stanza (S, T, A, B) 2:02


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